Disinfecting of office to prevent COVID-

Electrostatic Sanitisation disinfects and sanitises all types of space including:-

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Residential Properties

  • Desks, Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Why Choose Electrostatic Sanitisation?

  • Complete Disinfection: Electrostatic Sanitisation
    completely covers indoor areas, including those out-of-reach spots, with a wraparound mist.

  • Stops the Spread of Infection: This powerful disinfectant method kills bacteria and viruses on contact, improving the control of infections.

  • Longer Lasting: The Electro charged droplets adheres to surfaces and objects, lasting longer than conventional disinfecting and sanitising methods.

  • Coronavirus: We are monitoring the governments safe working guidance by utilising Electrostatic Sanitisation in the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19)

From door handles to keyboards, bacteria quickly builds-up on every surface within commercial and residential properties.


With traditional disinfecting and sanitising methods it can be almost impossible to fully eliminate bacteria. This is where our Electrostatic Sanitisation Service is invaluable for maintaining a sanitary environment.

How Electrostatic Sanitising Works

The electrostatic spray method applies a small electric charge to liquid droplets as they pass through a sprayer. The charged droplets are then attracted to surrounding surfaces, which helps provide even coverage.

Electrostatic spray disinfecting has a wrapping effect, which helps the liquid droplets reach areas that are hidden from sight. With an evenly coated mist, Electrostatic Sanitising easily disinfects those hard-to-reach areas.

This type of disinfectant adheres to surfaces and objects, completely sanitising them leaving a room sanitised and ready for use within 15 minutes.

Image by CDC


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